HeatExch.com Was Indexed by Google!

Pat Flynn showed how he can register a domain and finish first blog in 4 minutes at BlueHost.com. For me, it was more than 4 hours and I am glad I could do it at all. Then I spent 4 days setting up the theme and other stuff. It was exciting to see how these things work for you without much cost (I got the HeatExch.com domain for FREE with 3 year hosting plan at BlueHost.com for $3.99 a month), but frustrating when I could not figure out why it is not working for me. I did not want to give up and I could not think of anything else to do. So I keep trying.

Last night I Googled for “HeatExch”, to my amazement, my two poor blog posts were indexed by Google! The last post was “Heat Exchangers are Useful” and the one before that was “Hello World”. So, I thought of documenting that this morning and went back to Google. I saw the search results as this screenshot – it is unbelievable!


To calm myself down, this only happens when I search “HeatExch” with the quotation marks to narrow down the results to 16,800. Without the quotation marks, there are 349,000 results and HeatExch is not in the first page. Anyway, looking over the screenshot, I feel lucky that I landed on the HeatExch domain name.

The search engine interprets HeatExch as Heat Exchangers and display related ads and search results. I am also happy there are a lot adds targeted to HeatExch and Heat Exchangers – meaning HeatExch could attract similar advertisers if it can get popular. It could be a big endeavor to make good webpages and blogs about Heat Exchanger and build up popularity.

Right now, Heat Exchangers fetches more than 5 million results with Wikipedia as #1, lytron.com #2 and eBay #3. It is a little too broad but not that much competition. I’ll keep targeting HeatExch and Heat Exchangers with tailing words such as design and repair and waiting for the next surprise.

Now I am very happy about my site. BlueHost.com hosts both webpages and blog posts in one website without additional cost, so you can use static pages and dynamic blogs whenever you want to. BlueHost.com also allowed me to switch my domain names without charge. Tip: Lower your starting cost but use both webpages and blogs for growth.

  • http://N/A Rhys

    Hey Perry,

    Congrats on your reaching a huge milestone.

    Any chance you could share your methods.

    Best regards


    • http://heatexch.com Perry Ning

      Hey Rhys,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I am a newbie too. Your comment is the first one I got!

      I am not sure what happened. Probably the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin helped me. When you install and activate it, Yoast will submit your pages to Google.


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    • http://heatexch.com Perry Ning

      Thank you very much for the encouragement. I am trying to do better. Perry

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