Heat Exchanger is Selected as My Niche Keyword

Following Pat’s guidance, heat exchanger is selected as my niche keyword. I am not sure if I am the first one to announce the keyword. If that is true, I understand that I struggled but did not spend as much time as others. I really wish I could go all the nine yard like Pat laid out using elegant tools like the LTP. Anyway, here is why and how I settled on “heat exchanger”.

The phrase “heat exchanger” fits some of Pat’s keyword criteria. It is my passion – I worked with heat exchangers for more than 20 years as an engineer. I love this kind of equipment. It will pass the grandma test. If I do well with this website, it can be useful for people to learn and make better use of heat exchangers. Will it be a money maker? I am not sure.
Heat Exchanger is Selected as My Niche Keyword


These screenshots shows the numbers from the Google Adwords, SMERush, and OpenSiteExplore. The exact local search is 6,600 with High Competition but low CPC of $1.88. In contrast, “Heat Energy” looks better because it is Low in competition but high CPC of $6.05. However, when I search on Google, I see a lot more ads on “heat exchanger” but no ads on “heat energy”. Could someone explain this to me? I am really confused.

The MozRank and the PR for the top 12 webpages are pretty high, 3, 4, 5 or higher. Wikipedia is the always the first page in search results. I may never be able to beat them and to get to number one. Would I still be able to get to the first page and get some click? I need some encouragement if you can help.

Then, why I stuck with this keyword and not do a thorough search like your guys? I think the search is very competitive, too. If there are some better keywords, your guys would have gotten them already. If I try a new territory that I know very little about, it could be even worse. Besides, I got a lot of other thing to catch up, such as learning to setup theme, menu, and SEO in WordPress.

So, am I okay with pouncing the ball on keyword search and get the game going? Do I have any chance to stay in the game with “heat exchanger”? If not, would that be possible to add longer tail after this keyword and get a smaller niche? I would really like your comments.

Thanks you in advance, Perry Ning

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  • http://goodchurchwebsite.com Daniel

    Best of luck, Perry! Your keyword numbers look really good to me, and it looks like you’re off to a great start with content! I’ve never heard of a heat exchanger before, so at the very least, you’re educating me. Good luck!

    • http://heatexch.com Perry Ning

      Thanks Daniel. I looked both of your websites. Congratulation on your wedding! Church and married life are good. Perry