Heat Exchanger Animation Ranked 1.0 on Google in 20 Days.

To my surprise, my keyword Heat Exchanger Animation ranked 1.0 on Google in 20 days after I started the website. There are many SEO techniques but this is not one of them. It is more like an accident. Then, think it again, there is some reason that I would like to share with you. If you are in a hurry, just looked the colored the text, bookmark this page, and come back later when you have time for more details.

I call myself an Old Newbie. I registered a domain and web site on 5/19/2013 and changed that to heatExch.com 3 days later. (Thank you BlueHost.com for make this change for free. I also got the domain name for FREE with a 3 year contract of $3.99/mo from BlueHost.com. Right now it is $4.99 (Monday morning) and ask for the FREE domain name. Tip: BlueHost.com‘s regular low price is $6.99 and I feel they usually run promotions on less busy days like Sundays or Holidays.

Google Webmaster Query Keyword Data

Although I made about a dozen pages targeting Heat Exchanger with some tails, no page is aimed on Heat Exchanger Animation. I spent most of my time in these 20 days setting up the themes, the menus, the plugs, and other things. Tip: BlueHost.com contains a lot of plugins in the server. From Dashboard> Plugins> Add New to search and install. I also setup my Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. A lot of work. The good thing is you can get all of these for FREE. Tip: To see your search engine keyword ranking, log in your Google Webmaster Tools. From Dashboard> Traffic> Search Queries to see an image like mine.

Checking my Webmaster Tools yesterday (6/9/2013) I saw Heat Exchanger Animation was listed as Avg.position 1.0, as shown in this screenshot. I was amazed and went to Google search to check it. I did not see my domain in the search result. This happened before for the Heat Exchanger Gasket query, but the TEMA Standard query was confirmed. See these two queries listed in the screen shot. Tip: Webmaster Tools needs proper setup and the data can be a day or two late.

Heat Exchanger Animation Ranked 1.0 on Google

So, I decided to make a better targeting on Heat Exchanger Animation. I went back to Google again. This time I noticed an image from my website is right on top of the search result!! It is the heat exchanger image on my home page with GIF animation, see this screenshot. Then I remembered the Alter tag of that image is Heat Exchanger Flow Animation. That is probably how Google indexed it. And when adding images to the search results, this image was selected. Great! Tip: There is less competition in images than webpages and you can win with a good image.

I searched Google again this morning for Heat Exchanger Animation. My image is still there. It look like a real deal! So I decided to share with you. I know a lot of you are trying to start a website or a blog. If you already started, hope this can help you get better ranking on Google. If you are going to start, I recommend BlueHost.com. BlueHost.com hosts both webpages and blog posts in one website so you can use static pages and dynamic blogs whenever you want to. Tip: Lower your starting cost but use both webpages and blogs for growth.

As adding image to your webpage or blog, BlueHost.com allows us to insert an image or a gallery directly from our computer. Images are eye candy, visual, very effective for quick browsing. So I have a lot images and screenshots in my pages. Tip: Think how images get indexed in search engines. All the text associated with your image may not be shown to a user, but they are important to search engines.